Micaela Lopez

Micaela Lopez


Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Digital Design from Drury University

Micaela (or Mica — like paprika — for short) is a constant crafter, casual climber and former nomad who has found a home in Kansas City. During her teenage years in Ecuador and later worldly travels, she developed a fascination with humans and the power we wield when we come together. In practice, this manifests as a pursuit for collaborative work, a mission to do work that celebrates and supports human connection, and an ambition to push towards more inclusive design. From improved in wayfinding to applying a trauma-informed approach to every project type, breaking down barriers to access is at the forefront of her process.

Mica graduated from Drury University with a Master of Architecture and a B.A. in Graphic and Digital Design and joined Dake Wells Architecture in 2019.

Mica is a dedicated designer who pays equal attention to the community-building and storytelling aspect of our profession as she does to designing with rigor and care at all scales.

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