Jessica Mills

Jessica Mills, AIA

Bachelor of Architecture degree from Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas with a minor in Sustainability and a concentration in Built Systems

Jessica's life is no different than your most typical marvel character. Born with the extraordinary talent to design amazing buildings, her realization of this secret superpower did not become evident until she fell upon a difficult life-altering decision. It was a Sophomore year of high school. The decision? Take AP Biology or Drafting. While learning about mitochondria in painful detail was tempting, she made the monumental choice to take drafting - in part due to a playful push of her mother reminding her of the fun times she had with legos a decade prior. Thanks, mom!

Flash forward 10 years and one Bachelor of Architecture degree later, and Jessica ventured from her home in Little Rock to join our big Springfield gem. We believe Jessica is invincible and capable of overcoming any obstacle. However, she confesses the big walls in rock climbing are her secret kryptonite. Thankfully, architecture school prepared her to conquer this fear of heights the same way she approaches design solutions - taking one attentively daring step at a time.

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