Morgan Harper

Morgan Harper, AIAS

Master of Architecture degree from Hammons School of Architecture at Drury University with a minor in Design in Society

One of Morgan's favorite aspects of architecture is the opportunity to solve problems with a creative approach. She recognizes the great value in looking at things from different perspectives, and along with that comes new, creative possibilities. Her passion for architecture started as a love for arts, and expanded into the desire to help people, and improve the community. After watching a TEDTalk by Michael Murphy, “Architecture that’s Built to Heal”, she realized she could combine her passions by pursuing a career in architecture.

Morgan Harper will be completing her Master of Architecture degree from Drury University Hammon’s School of Architecture in May 2020 with a minor in Design in Society, Fine Arts degree. She recently was awarded the Allan Bates Memorial Study-Abroad Scholarship, as well as received two Librarian nominations, for her community studio (Spring 2018, 3rd year) and comprehensive studio (Spring 2019, 4th year) work at Drury University’s Hammons School of Architecture.

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