Kurtis Gibson

Kurtis Gibson, Assoc. AIA


Master of Architecture degree from Hammons School of Architecture at Drury University with a Minor in Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture

The way that Kurtis thinks about architecture was shaped by experiences gained while growing up in Anchorage, Alaska and his exposure to the different indigenous cultures that call the natural landscape home. While studying architecture at Drury University’s Hammons School of Architecture, his thesis incorporated what he had learned while living in Anchorage, focusing on the post-colonization indigenous cultures of Alaska and how architecture could act as a catalyst of giving authorship of their communities back to the rural villages of Alaska. Since graduating with a Masters of Architecture from Drury University, Kurtis has continued his research by broadening the subject of his thesis and trying to bring what he has learned from indigenous cultures and regional vernaculars into his work. In addition to the influence that living in Alaska had on Kurtis’ understanding of architecture, he is also heavily influenced by sculpture and the act of making. Kurtis is a firm believer that great design happens through understanding materials on a deep level, which is only gained through the practical knowledge and experience of making things by hand.

When Kurtis is not working, he enjoys long meandering walks around downtown Springfield and camping with family.

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