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K9 is a doghouse conceived of nine K’s, designed and fabricated for Habitat for Humanity’s annual fundraiser auction. Inspired by the work of E. Fay Jones, Louis Kahn, Richard Serra, Robert Venturi and Donald Judd, the design is left intentionally open-ended, intended for a small, indoor companion. K9 can be used as an end table, periodical rack, ottoman, or some as yet undiscovered device that engages its user. Arranging the tripartite object in search of engaging spatial conditions is akin to the mesmerizing game of Jenga.

Using the sans serif font Geniso, the ascender of the lower case k supports the K9 roof, while a newspaper, or a chew toy rests on its shoulders. The upper case K provides a contemporarily flat roof structure, suitable for coffee cups and lamps, while establishing the identifiable gabled interior space of a dog house.

Realization of K9 involved collaboration with a local fabricator and photographer. In the interest of sustainability and in the spirit of Habitat’s ReStore, discarded materials were salvaged from the scrap heap and given new life. The house is constructed of 12 gauge weathering steel, ensuring its long life and giving it a richness in material texture and color.

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