Glenwood Residence

Glenwood Residence


Springfield, MO


3,600 sf

Amidst our nation’s crippling housing crisis, an inspired young family embarked upon a journey to transform the interior of this once banal 1960’s suburban ranch house into a contemporary oasis for modern living. Primary design energy is spent on subtle adjustments to the existing plan in an effort to open the public spaces, making them feel more expansive, while improving the efficiency and experiential quality of private spaces.

After thorough analysis of the existing roof structure, a curved partition flanking the existing crescent-shaped stair was removed, allowing daylight and views across the space, while strengthening the connection between the two levels of the house. Simultaneously, a single wood-clad pantry, dubbed “the lunch box”, is placed as if slid from the void between private spaces. The resulting interior foreshadows future exterior transformations envisioned for the house, demonstrating that it’s the little things that make all the difference.

AIA Springfield, Public Recognition Award

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