Vehicle Processing Facility

Vehicle Processing Facility


City of Kansas City, MO / Kansas City Police Department


Kansas City, MO


5,500 sf

For years, the Kansas City Police Department did forensic testing on vehicles involved in crimes in an under-performing building with borderline security. This was problematic not only with regard to efficiency, but the lack of security resulted in some legal ramifications, too. By 2007, conditions had deteriorated enough that a new state-of-the-art facility was envisioned, to be located on the Vehicle Impound Facility Campus.

The Design Team worked closely with the KCPD to analyze the most effective layout to process vehicles and maintain a proper chain of custody. The final program for the building included a laboratory, office space, training space, and seven flexible work bays. Workflow analysis, energy modeling and daylight modeling shaped the design of the building. Establishing an efficient layout was very important to the client. During design, a full bay dedicated to semi-trailers and buses was able to be eliminated when the Design Team developed a scheme where these oversize vehicles could be effectively brought in from the side.

Given the nature of the facility, a design that was highly durable and easily cleanable was developed. Materials include a heavy-duty sandblasted cast-in-place concrete with a galvanized steel structure. The building is sheathed in corrugated zinc, thus ensuring that no exterior surfaces will ever need to be painted. The building includes a 2,500 square foot partially enclosed exterior area that was not part of the original program, to protect cars from evidence deterioration before they are admitted to the work areas.

Extensive energy and daylight modeling, in combination with sensitive material selection and site design, contributed to the project being awarded LEED Gold Certification. The design features many resource-efficient features including high insulation values, solar shading, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and an enhanced mechanical system.

Dan Maginn was Principal-in-Charge of the project while at el dorado inc.

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