Office of Student Engagement

Office of Student Engagement


Missouri State University


Springfield, MO

5,200 sf

The Office of Student Engagement at Missouri State University provides students who are actively engaged on campus through a broad array of organizations a place to meet, collaborate, organize, and socialize. Its new home is a centrally located, but below-grade space in the Student Union formerly occupied by a bowling alley. The design solution works to enliven a space without access to daylight and a limited budget of only $121/sf.

Entry to the space is from elevators or a long descending hallway to the subterranean space. The program is organized into a simple white box, with staff offices furthest from the student collaboration spaces, maximizing acoustic separation. The eight-foot-tall by 90-foot-long faceted “engagement wall” displays images of student activity on campus and leads visitors from the entry past the reception desk to a sunken forum dubbed “collaboration commons.” Flanked by additional spaces dedicated to specific student organizations, the commons is a place for students to collaborate on group projects, study, and socialize.

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