Montgomery County Schools

Montgomery County Schools


Montgomery County Schools


Montgomery County, MO


87,700 sf new construction + 29,200 sf renovation

Composed of four schools; Montgomery County High School, Montgomery County Middle School, Montgomery City Elementary School, and Jonesburg Elementary School, the District has closed two outlying elementary schools in the last 20 years putting much pressure on the remaining two elementary schools to handle the population. Additionally, the Middle School and High School have exceeded the capacity of their facilities. The District’s temporary solution was to provide a total of seventeen mobile classrooms at each of the four across the remaining school locations.

Working directly with a planning committee comprised of faculty, staff, parents, and community members, a list of priorities to guide the process was established. With the consensus that no further schools should be closed as part of the master plan, studies were performed to establish requirements for additions and renovations at each site. Through the process, it was determined that the District needed 87,000 additional square feet across the four different facilities as well as 38,000sf in renovations.

The lengthy list of program requirements posed many challenges, but making major modifications to every school provided a unique opportunity to unify the identity of the District. Materiality, branding, and composition were used to establish a dialog that creates a “whole [that] is greater than the sum of its parts,” while maintaining unique individualism. Exterior identity was created using bright white concrete panels with blue glass aggregate. The Districts’ adopted “Power Cat” logo, well established as a symbol of pride, was integrated into the architecture to brand the additions. The additions and renovations successfully unified a decentralized district with school pride and a common architectural identity.

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