Neighbor’s Mill Bakery

Neighbor’s Mill Bakery


Springfield, MO


3,010 sf

The Nabors’ family approached Dake Wells with the desire of creating a new location that would stand out from the other national chains in the area. Their mantra of using only the best ingredients and crafting everything in-house would be the focus of the design, pulling the baking process to the front of view allowing visitors to experience what makes Neighbor’s Mill different.

When entering, visitors are greeted with the fresh smells and framed views of the baking process. By providing large openings into the “bakers box” as well as minimal glass partitions between the patrons and their meal the experience of making is put on full display. The serving spaces are organized at the center of the space taking full advantage of seating and views along the perimeter. Open rafters, corrugated panels, and salvaged doors evoke the qualities of an old mill in this modern variation. The Interlam ceiling clouds screen acoustic batt as well as the building systems while the eyelet pattern mimics the crumb of fresh-cut bread. White graphics arranged on chalkboard paint provide branding from the street with the intent of transformation over time. The design highlights the quality of craft, providing an inviting atmosphere for those looking for a quick bite or a long lunch with neighbors.

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