Kimpell Hall Renovation & Addition

Kimpell Hall Renovation & Addition


University of Arkansas


Fayetteville, AR


32,000 sf

Kimpell Hall, constructed in 1977, is located at one of the busiest pedestrian intersections on the campus of University of Arkansas. Consisting of a four story classroom block and a seven story tower of faculty offices, it houses the departments of Communications, Drama, English, Foreign Languages, Journalism and Physics, making it the busiest academic building on campus.

Dake Wells Architecture was selected, along with local firm MAHG Architects, to design a new 7,000 sf Student Media Center for the department of Journalism that would establish its presence at this bustling intersection. The project also includes the renovation of approximately 25,000 sf in the existing building for Journalism, as well as general education classrooms and all public spaces within the four story classroom block.

The programming effort involved university administrators and faculty from Communications and Journalism. Transparency being a key goal set from programming, the project will feature new “learning lab” style classrooms with increased visibility into the newsroom, studio and control room allowing current and prospective students a glimpse into how there media process works.
Other additions to the building will be a new university radio station, editing rooms, faculty offices and student spaces. The project is currently under construction and on schedule to be completed for the fall semester of 2018.

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