Kelley Baptist Church

Kelley Baptist Church


Kelley Baptist Church


Ash Grove, MO

This turn-of-the-century one room church sits atop a knoll overlooking a rural cemetery in Ash Grove, Missouri. Oriented along a traditional east-west axis, one enters the building on it’s east end centered on the building’s gable form with the altar located at the building’s west end. The congregation asked that a new entrance, classrooms and fellowship hall be added onto the church in a way that communicates a vibrant, growing church family in this small town.

The design solution respects the original church building, rendered in pure white, by locating the addition perpendicular to the primary axis of the church forming a simple L-shaped plan with the addition overlooking the cemetery to the west. The addition is a single sloped wood framed structure rendered in a charcoal gray cement board panels in deference to the original building. A large window frames views of the cemetery from the fellowship hall while a new simple steel cross marks the entry to the church.

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