Highlandville Elementary

Highlandville Elementary


Highlandville Schools


Highlandville, MO


16,000 sf

This addition to a K-5 school provides new administrative offices, a new commons, and new classrooms while reorganizing student movement. The design challenge was to eliminate the need for students and staff to cross the gymnasium in order to access all parts of the school. The solution creates a new centralized commons area that connects five previously constructed buildings and connects the corridors throughout the school. New administrative offices are organized in a single north-south bar adjacent to the the new entrance. The bar is defined by a red brick plane that greets visitors and frames a cantilevered conference room at its south end in a gesture to reach out to the community. Careful attention is paid to respect the existing WPA building as well as the school’s most recent library addition. Security is increased through electronically controlled doors adjacent to the administrative offices. Although secure, this new entry admits ample amounts of daylight welcoming children and parents to the new facility.

In addition to administrative offices and a new commons, eight new classrooms were also added to the elementary school. Construction was completed under budget, which allowed for remaining funds to be used for much-needed renovation projects at the district’s middle school and high school.

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